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Antifungal activity and improved quality of wheat toast bread by Iranian Lactobacillus species

(2014) Antifungal activity and improved quality of wheat toast bread by Iranian Lactobacillus species. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences.

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Human nutrition worldwide is largely dependent on bread. Quality of bread is dependent on the method of baking. Application of sourdough is a traditional way to improve quality and nutritional value of bread. Sourdoughs are a great source of diverse Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) with antifungal and antiropiness activities. Many researchers used different species of LAB to demonstrate their effect on bread quality. In this study we used 6 Iranian Lactobacillus strain at different fermentation conditions. Each strain and the most common fungi responsible for bread spoilage were grown routinely. Sourdoughs were prepared using each LAB, pH values & Titration of the Acidity (TTA) was determined and experimental and control breads were baked. Antifungal activity and bread sensory of each LAB was tested. L. delbrueckii and L. Fermentum had the strongest antifungal activity with large clear zones and no growth around the colonies. The most increase in TTA was noted in samples prepared with Lactobacillus delbrueckii and L. sanfranciscensis. Final values for sourdoughs fermented with each of 6 strains were significantly higher comparing to that of common sourdough. Application of 10 w/w L. delbrueckii in sourdough resulted in best aroma, taste, and texture. The present study confirmed that addition of sourdough fermented by Iranian LAB caused a distinct change in the properties of the dough, specifically indicating that L. Delbrueckii is a suitable starter for wheat sourdough and bread production. L. delbrueckii can successfully perform sourdough fermentation and produce good quality bread.

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Keywords: Iran; LAB; Molds; Sourdough
Subjects: mycology
Divisions: Education Vice-Chancellor Department > Faculty of Medicine > Department of Basic Science > Department of Parasitology Mycology and Entomology
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