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(2016) Prevalence of CTX-M-type and PER extended-spectrum β-lactamases among Klebsiella spp. Isolated from clinical specimens in the teaching hospital of Kashan, Iran. Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal.

(2017) Prevalence of Resistance to Quinolone and Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics and Screening of qnr Genes Among Escherichia coli Isolates From Urinary Tract Infection. Int J Enteric Pathog.


(2018) Synchronous identification of entamoeba histolytica, giardia intestinalis, and Cryptosporidium spp. In stool samples using a multiplex PCR assay. Iranian Journal of Parasitology.


(2016) Effect of peel and leaf extract of walnut (Juglans Regia L.) on cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by leishmania major in BALB/c Mice. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.


(2018) Seroprevalence of human cystic echinococcosis in Alborz Province, central Iran in 2015. Iranian Journal of Public Health.

(2016) High-resolution melting analysis (HRM) for differentiation of four major Taeniidae species in dogs Taenia hydatigena, Taenia multiceps, Taenia ovis, and Echinococcus granulosus sensu stricto. Parasitology research.


(2017) The impact of the codelivery of drug-siRNA by trimethyl chitosan nanoparticles on the efficacy of chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer cell line (MDA-MB-231). Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and Biotechnology.


(2016) Detection of blaKPc and blaGES carbapenemase genes in Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from hospitalized patients in Kashan, Iran. Recent Patents on Anti-Infective Drug Discovery.

(2017) Evaluation of pathogenicity islands in uropathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from patients with urinary catheters. Journal of Infection in Developing Countries.


(2018) Prevalence of anti-toxoplasma gondii antibodies in young Iranians: The Caspian III study. Archives of Pediatric Infectious Diseases.


(2014) شیوع انگل‌های روده‌ای در کودکان مهدکودک‌های شهرستان کرج در سال 1391. Alborz University Medical Journal.

(2017) Relapse of a Plasmodium vivax infection in an Iranian patient: A case report. Jundishapur Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products.

(2016) Case Record of a Teaching Hospital in Karaj; A 35-Year Old Man With Taenia saginata Infection Treated With Niclosamide. Int J Enteric Pathog.

(2017) New insights to structure and immunological features of Leishmania lipophosphoglycan3. Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy.


(2016) ارزیابی ایمنی زایی پپتید EgP-29aa134-142 مشتق از «اکینوکوکوس گرانولوزوس» در موش‌های نژاد BALB/c. Alborz University Medical Journal.

(2013) The Evaluation of Small Intestinal Volvulus Caused by PathogenicMicroorganisms in a Thoroughbred Mare. Int J Enteric Pathog.


(2017) Genetic characterization of human-derived hydatid cysts of Echinococcus granulosus in Lorestan Province, Western Iran. Tropical Biomedicine.


(2017) In Vitro Assessment of the Protoscolicidal Activities of the Ephedra major Methanol Extracts. Int J Enteric Pathog.

(2017) Molecular characterization and phylogenetic congruence of Hydropsyche sciligra (Tricoptera: Hydropsychidae) using mitochondrial and nuclear markers. Journal of Arthropod-Borne Diseases.

(2013) Assessment of the efficacy of 8 weeks of primaquine for the prevention of relapse in vivax malaria patients using SSCP-PCR and sequencing in south and south-east Iran, 2008-2011. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

(2016) T Helper 1 (Th1), Th2, and Th17 Responses to Leishmania major Lipophosphoglycan 3. Immunological investigations.

(2017) PCR-RFLP analysis of Plasmodium vivax reticulocyte binding protein2c gene in field isolates of Iran. Tropical Biomedicine.


(2017) The Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites and Associated risk Factors among Students of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences. Int J Enteric Pathog.

(2015) تشخیص توکسوپلاسموز در مادران باردار با روش سرولوژی IgG avidity. Alborz University Medical Journal.

(2017) Differences in Entamoeba histolytica Cysteine Proteinase 5 Gene Isolated From Bandar Abbas and Tabriz, Iran. Int J Enteric Pathog.

(2016) Seroprevalence of Toxoplasmosis in Pregnant Women in Urmia, Iran. Int J Enteric Pathog.


(2017) Evaluation of microsatellites markers to discriminate four main taeniid tapeworms of dogs. Iranian Journal of Parasitology.

(2017) A conventional PCR for differentiating common taeniid species of dogs based on in silico microsatellite analysis. Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo.

(2016) Echinococcus granulosus sensu lato genotypes in domestic livestock and humans in golestan province, iran. Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo.


(2016) Tetanus neurotoxin HCC protein commits T cells to IFN-γ producing cells. Cellular and molecular biology (Noisy-le-Grand, France).


(2015) Frequency of Intestinal Parasites in Patients With Gastrointestinal Disorders, in Different Parts of Iran During 2012-2013. Int J Enteric Pathog.

(2017) Helminth infections and cardiovascular diseases: Toxocara species is contributing to the disease. Current Cardiology Reviews.

(2017) Monoclonal Antibody Against Toxocara cati Second-Stage Larvae. Monoclonal Antibodies in Immunodiagnosis and Immunotherapy.

(2017) Trend of toxocariasis in Iran: A review on human and animal dimensions. Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research.

(2017) The occurrence of Toxocara species in naturally infected broiler chickens revealed by molecular approaches. Journal of Helminthology.

(2014) بررسی تأثیر کشندگی غلظت‌های مختلفی از عصاره ریشه گیاه انار (Punica granatum L.) بر پروتواسکولکس‌های کیست هیداتیک در شرایط آزمایشگاهی. Alborz University Medical Journal.

(2017) The 3rd International and 10th National Congress of Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases of Iran (Shiraz, Iran, November 1-3, 2017). Int J Enteric Pathog.

(2017) Soil Contamination With Eggs of Toxocara Species in Public Parks of Karaj, Iran. Int J Enteric Pathog.

(2016) Modified method to enhanced recovery of Toxocara cati larvae for the purposes of diagnostic and therapeutic. Experimental parasitology.

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