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(2017) Non-polar compounds of Persian Gulf sea cucumber Holothuria parva selectively induce toxicity on skin mitochondria isolated from animal model of melanoma. Cutaneous and Ocular Toxicology.

(2018) Factors affecting unsafe behavior in construction projects: development and validation of a new questionnaire. International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics.

(2018) A qualitative investigation of factors influencing unsafe work behaviors on construction projects. Work.


(2017) Problems of hospital from the perspective of human-system interface technology and recommended practices for improvement: A qualitative study. Iran Occupational Health.


(2017) Mitochondrial oxidative stress and dysfunction induced by single- and multiwall carbon nanotubes: A comparative study. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A.

(2015) بررسی مقایسه‌ای میزان فراوانی آنتی‌بادی‌های IgGو IgM ضد توکسوپلاسما گوندی در بیماران لوسمیک. Alborz University Medical Journal.


(2015) The effects of occupational noise on blood pressure and heart rate of workers in an automotive parts industry. ARYA Atherosclerosis.

(2017) Consequence analysis of fire and explosion of a cylindrical LPG tanks in an oil and gas industry. Iran Occupational Health.

(2015) Why construction workers involve in unsafe behavior? Development and cross-validation of a structural model. Iran Occupational Health.

(2015) Why construction workers involve in unsafe behavior? Validity and reliability study of a new instrument. Iran Occupational Health.

(2017) Inhalation exposure of nano diamond induced oxidative stress in lung, heart and brain. Xenobiotica.

(2018) Inhalation exposure of nano diamond induced oxidative stress in lung, heart and brain. Xenobiotica.

(2012) ارزیابی ایمنی آزمایشگاه‌های بالینی مراکز آموزشی درمانی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی قزوین- سال 1390. Alborz University Medical Journal.


(2015) بررسی رابطه استرس شغلی پرستاران با وضعیت سلامت عمومی آنان در مرکز آموزشی درمانی کمالی سال 1392. Alborz University Medical Journal.

(2018) Developing safety archetypes of construction industry at project level using system dynamics. Journal of Safety Research.

(2018) Factors influencing safety performance on construction projects: A review. Safety Science.

(2014) تاثیر چک لیست ایمنی جراحی بر میزان مرگ و میر بیماران جراحی شده در مراکز آموزشی درمانی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی α. Alborz University Medical Journal.

(2016) Semi-quantitative risk assessment Of TDI and MDI in car paint shops in Alborz province, Iran. Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences.


(2013) ریسک فاکتورهای استرس شغلی در بین کارکنان یک صنعت برق و یک صنعت تولید ماشین‌آلات (مطالعه موردی- 1389). Alborz University Medical Journal.

(2012) بررسی وضعیت اتاق عمل‌های شهرستان کرج در مقایسه با استانداردهای بین‌المللی در سال 1390. Alborz University Medical Journal.

(2017) Moderate O3/O2 therapy enhances enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant in brain and cochlear that protects noise-induced hearing loss. Free Radical Research.

(2012) بررسی میزان تاثیر مداخله فاکتورهای انسانی در کاهش میزان عوارض اسکلتی عضلانی (CTD) در ستاد مرکز بهداشت غرب تهران 84-1383. Alborz University Medical Journal.


(2012) Occupational exposure of petroleum depot workers to BTEX compounds. International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.


(2017) Toxicity of Atorvastatin on Pancreas Mitochondria: A Justification for Increased Risk of Diabetes Mellitus. Basic & clinical pharmacology & toxicology.

(2016) Propolis induce cytotoxicity on cancerous hepatocytes isolated from rat model of hepatocellular carcinoma: Involvement of ROS-mediated mitochondrial targeting. PharmaNutrition.

(2016) Selective toxicity of Apigenin on cancerous Hepatocytes by directly targeting their mitochondria. Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry.

(2012) بررسی جوّ ایمنی در یک صنعت پتروشیمی واقع در منطقه اقتصادی ماهشهر در سال 89. Alborz University Medical Journal.


(2017) Correspondence analysis of occupational accidents occurred among insured workers Social Security for a period of ten years. Iran Occupational Health.

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